Health 2.0 SXSW panel on sensors

Health 2.0 recently submitted a panel proposal for SXSW (South By Southwest) 2013 titled, “Sensor Technologies: The Future of Health?

The proposed panel includes me and an outstanding group of speakers including Indu Subaiya of Health 2.0, Eric Dishman of Intel, and DJ Patil of Greylock, promising a spirited discussion about how sensor technologies are transforming health as we know it (full description below).

You can help our proposal make it on to the agenda by voting for our proposal directly and by spreading the word. Please feel free to tweet/post via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog, or any other channel you think might be helpful. To vote yourself, please take the following brief steps, which together should take 30 seconds:

Register to vote at SXSW –
Click the “confirm” link in the email sent by the site
Visit and vote (click on the thumbs up) at:

Please note that voting closes next Friday, August 31st.

Thanks for your help and we hope to see you in Austin, TX in 2013.

“Sensor Technologies: The Future of Health?”

Can you imagine a world in which all your physiologic parameters were measured, monitored, and managed in such a way that that you always maintained perfect health? That world may be just around the corner.

Doctors and nurses have long used sensors (of one sort or another) to diagnose and manage illness. In a few short years, however, sensors have become increasingly important in health care as the devices have become more sophisticated and less costly. The advent of real-time data capture and analysis applications is making these new sensors increasingly useful in a range of diseases like diabetes, asthma, and heart failure.

This panel will explore the impact of sensors and the almost unlimited potential to apply these technologies to improve the health of all mankind. If you’re a technologist and you want to get into the health care field this is where you want to be.

The interactive event will feature a number of expert speakers, including:

Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0
Eric Dishman, Intel
David Van Sickle, Reciprocal Labs
DJ Patil, Greylock

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