Propeller Health

Measurably Better Respiratory Health

Propeller Health is a new kind of disease tracking service that uses a device to monitor the time and location where someone uses his or her asthma inhaler. The goal is to capture data about asthma from daily life to help people better manage the disease, while aggregating data from everyone to improve public health. I think of it as participatory public health.

How often someone uses their inhaler is actually an important sign of how well their disease is managed. Unfortunately, only a minority people with asthma has the disease under control. Experts recommend that patients record their use of inhalers, but pen and paper logs have many limitations. Asthmapolis tools simplify and streamline the process.

Asthma is unique in that everyone carries around the same important medication and uses it at the time and place where they havesymptoms. Knowing when and where these inhalers are used could help scientists identify exposures that cause symptoms. Until now identifying locations or exposures that pose a particular threat – whether they are at home, work, school or in the community – has been a struggle for public health experts.

Our objective is to help patients and their doctors better understand what is happening with their asthma in real-time. And we put anonymous data about when and where inhalers are used to work in public health surveillance, helping scientists sharpen their search for the causes of attacks and the development of asthma.

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