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Applied quantile regression in environmental health

This week, Sheryl Magzamen and colleagues published a report of early life lead exposure and educational outcomes (exam scores) in Wisconsin school children that illustrates how quantile regression can reveal relationships masked by conditional means approaches. The greater effect of lead exposure on children in the
lower tail of exam scores is an example of how “In many cases there may not be one, unique slope that effectively characterizes the changes across the probability distribution.”

CDC releases National Asthma Control Program state profiles

CDC has set up a new page collecting short (two-page) burden of disease profiles from the 36 National Asthma Control Program grantee states across the US.

These summaries highlight key statistical data, such as prevalence and health care use in adults and children, as well as data on patient education and medication use from the Asthma Call-Back Survey.

Great to have these standardized briefs collected in one place. The obvious next step: Make the data underlying these PDFs readily available.

CDC – Asthma – National Asthma Control Program State Profiles